Will the real Mashiach please stand up?

In difficult times people search for a ‘strong man’. In the current climate of financial instability with economic uncertainty abounding, wars and rumours of wars reaching our eyes and ears everyday, where nations threaten to unleash cataclysmic violence upon the face of the earth, we can sense the growing clamour for ‘someone’ to do something. With the growth of extreme right-wing rhetoric and the corresponding establishment of political parties feeding on this uncertainty, we can see mankind’s need for a strong man. Someone who will and is able to sort out our problems and lead us in difficult and challenging times.

As we were about to enter our Land and inheritance so many thousands of years ago, we were confronted with a situation that demanded strong action and leadership, someone who would lead us to subdue the Land unto righteousness and establish a light of truth, holiness and faith that would shine out to the nations around us. It was at that point that Moshe died, he would not lead us in. We cried out to Adonai ‘we need a strong man’! According to Devarim 18:15  Moshe says to Israel: ‘The Lord your G-d will raise up for you a Prophet like me from your midst, from your brethren. Him shall you hear’. Traditionally our sages and rabbis have seen this replacement as Yehoshua who did lead us in to take residency in our Land. Yet it is clear that he clearly was not ‘like Moshe’. He never had the access to G-d that Moshe had, never exhibited the humility that was Moshe’s hallmark where he preferred to see his own demise rather than his people’s.

Who can lead us to renew our Land today? Who is there who can establish truth, love, holiness, mercy, justice and fundamental righteous in the Land? Is it that we just need to see the Temple rebuilt? The priesthood restored? The government in the Knesset repleced with a Sanhedrin style Beit Din of rabbis? Maybe we need to see a cadre of Prophets created to function in our midst, or… is it that we need to see G-d in our midst once more? A strong man, like Moshe, prophetic, righteous and just, humble to the point of death, selfless and loving? A strong man, who unlike Moshe, is able to deal with our real problem: sin.

Zechariah (12:10) talks of a time when we return to the Land and then G-d pours out on us a spirit of supplication and grace, He shows mercy on us in our condition. When that happens G-d says we shall ‘look on Me whom they have pierced, mourning as one mourns for an only son’. When have we ever pierced G-d? When did we ever so cause Him harm that was physical and real, and when have we ever mourned for Him and what we have done to our G-d?

The answer to that question is slowly being revealed. Will the real Mashiach of Israel, the Strong Man, please stand up? Keep watching for He will and is!


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